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Utopia Non Place. Katalog wystawy 2018

We would like to present publication summarizing the international art project and the UTOPIA exhibition. NON-PLACE! The publication is 207-pages long, bilingual (Polish and English); contains texts by Michał Sroka, Kamil Kuzko, Kajetan Młynarski and Piotr Korzeniowski, presents the profiles and works of all 35 artists from Poland and Germany taking part in the exhibition, as well as photos from the exhibition, which was presented from May 5 to June 21, 2018, in the raw rooms of the newly the resulting architectural investment HIGH5ive (SKANSKA), at ul. Pawia 7 in Krakow. The publication was designed, graphically prepared and prepared for printing by Renata Motyka. Translations - Mateusz Durczak; Editors - Piotr Korzeniowski, Kamil Kuzko, Michał Sroka; Editorial cooperation - Jakub Najbart; Reviews - Przemysław Pintal, Sławomir Toman; Druk - Drukarnia Diament S. C. Kraków, Publisher - Fundacja Transporter Kultury.