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Utopia. Spaces
   of closure

Brigitte Dümling

   artwork date


Installation - ceramic vessels; porcelain glaze; painted with pigment color


Corona virus requires contact reduction. In this sense, my life has become poorer.

Instead, I create my own little company in the studio. They are "beings" - without the face and features of characters - who, however, operate in space, communicate with me and make contact with me. Each ceramic vessel has its own character, its own essence. Everyone is active in their own way, loud or quiet. But the viewer is also called to be active as these ceramic bodies are designed / painted all around with many facets and transformations; they are fully understandable only in a general view.

Since 2016, I have been working on giving a specific form an appropriate color tone and essence. During the pandemic, it became even more intense: the ships became a living counterpart. This job fulfills me and amazes me. Thus the oppression of time finds a wonderful balance that I create for myself. The space of action has become narrow. Thanks to our creative power, we can expand it and find the necessary balance. Or maybe with this other?