Katarzyna Piątek

   artwork date

Cracow / Zakopane


A huge anthill comes to life unnaturally. Someone had destroyed their home, carefully built during their short but so productive lives. There is no time to think, you have to save what has been brutally scattered in all directions for just a moment - by destroying law and order. Little creatures glittering in the sunlight will not give up until they rebuild their new home. Someday they will complete this building, but it will only be the beginning of new worries. Despite their nervousness and stress, they work quickly and thoroughly on one great work. They twinkle, sparkle in constant motion. One can see this phenomenon only by light, be it the sun or the moon. Some will see them, some will pass by in a hurry. Someone will want to stop for a long time, collect their thoughts, or get rid of them for a while. Follow them and then forget for a few long years ... History comes full circle. Somewhere else in the world. Someone reaches similar conclusions by saying similar thoughts in another language. In the privacy of your mind, as if nothing terrible is happening in the world. A finished image means going out, confronting what is outside. Will showing it to the world help? Triptych entitled The inertia is made entirely of staples using a taker. Despite the unpleasant material, I wanted to achieve a soft form and thus an impression of peace and quiet. The monotonous work on the painting allowed me to experience a kind of meditation, detachment from what is outside and inside.