Circaea Lutetiana
   - Planta De Brujas (Shadow and Light - cycle)

Stano Cerny

   artwork date


acrylic on canvas, 240 x 140 cm


"We were expelled from paradise, but it was not destroyed. Being expelled from paradise on the one hand was good luck because if it had not happened, now it would be destroyed."


SHADOW AND LIGHT encompasses all those entities that make up the universe as well as trying to remind us that transcendence is in the perfect balance of our own nature before being corrupted. Stano Cerny defines his work as the projection of the different states of consciousness in which entities cross through light, in an infinite stream of cosmical rivers that from their origin have been crystalline and that continue to be so.

On this occasion, it is the closest representation of the moment in which we are living. With the characteristic use of his own symbology, Cerny shows in his works in the form of satire the reflection of current societies and the lack of consciousness, but nevertheless always leaves the possibility of returning to the origin where we can open doors to connect with the center of our own being.

In these terms we situate ourselves before the panorama of a visionary, an artist with a desire to connect through art with the origin and the end, with the transcendental of being and the different levels of consciousness that throw us into hidden places of thought where the most important will be the constant search for the truth.