H1N1 and
   Covid 19 smoking

Lalo Sánchez Del Valle

   artwork date


Silver print

Already more than 7 months of closure due to the most destructive pandemic in history.

 Although the artist's life does not change much with confinement, since our workplace is usually our home and vice versa.

 Rummage through the trunks of memories and find a whole past in black and white photos and books older than me, but not as important as collectibles.

 Relatives and strangers in photos and others very dear.  Images generate all kinds of ideas for the artist, creativity will always be the most valuable thing that humanity can give us.

 Covid-19 is an invisible but very destructive monster since it separated us from loved ones and made us more fearful of strangers. 

The micro beast does not allow us to approach those who infect and slowly weakens until they are killed without dismissal, goodbye with a kiss is a thing of the past.

I decided to give shape and color to that ruthless silent and invisible murderer who is driving us crazy in the solitude of our  routine at home, in a few meters of space and living in excess with those who live with us.

 Just as I saw the virus in a photo I do not know if it was real microscopic picture or a simple image of what it could be.  I am impressed by its green color and its thorns or tentacles with red dots, or it would be the opposite! what I saw on the screen of the cell phone without glasses in the early hours of the morning with the awakening of insomnia.

 But this is what  I make with what I had on hand, both in photos and in colors, it is simply expressing what I feel to kill boredom and with that touch of sarcasm that accompanies some artists.   

What came out of this, is what I'm going to show you now.