Hans Memling.

Bartek Czarnecki

   artwork date

Kraków / Jasło

oil on canvas, 190 x 140 cm

The photo is a carrier of information and although it shows the photographed object, it exists independently as a new quality. It is important for me to be aware that when I look at a photograph, for example a picture reproduced in an album, I am not looking at that picture. I am looking at a completely new creation in which everything is different from the original. From the conditions in which the photo was taken, the light and its temperature, camera parameters, through the way it was printed, the type of paper, to the change of scale of the reproduced work. I find this transformation interesting, along with its mechanical aspects, errors and differences. In the case of reproductions, this is especially noticeable because often when I browse the Internet, for example, in search of a specific job, I wonder which of the possible versions most faithfully reproduces the original work. Often there are several copies of one reproduction, warmer, cooler, with different contrast, saturation, sharpness or cropping. For me, this is a kind of picture game in which it's hard to say what is closer to reality. All these values ​​standing between the real object and the photo of that object constitute a problem that interests me. The boundary between the image of a thing and the thing itself. The phenomenon of the culture of the image, the "imagery" of the world, which does not refer us to any being other than ourselves. A transformation that we are often not aware of and that we do not pay attention to.