Patrick Tagoe-Turkson

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The work is a wall sculpture made from found flip-flop debris collected from beaches in Ghana. The medium is special in a sense that it’s recycled. One can still find names, markings and sometimes special objects (identities) which were attached to them by the original owners.

My concept is to present metaphorically, the diverse aspects of the human experience; the   contradictions between life during the covit-19 pandemic and our future prospects; a demeanor of hope in the midst of uncertainty.

I compose a solitary city against a dark sky to reflect on the silence of once busy city life across the globe during the coronavirus pandemic.

I wanted the spirit within me to override and the silence of everything outside my world.  By reflecting on the deep impressions and markings left on the medium by the original users I am confronted with my fears and challenges. Contrary, when I cut open the flip-flop debris and see the hidden beauty and explosion of colour, I find hope