Observing the
   Skeptic 2020

Lutz Krutein

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Since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020 rumor was spread about it's origin and who might profit from the approaching disaster. Others denied the existence of the Corona virus and declared official orders and restrictions an annoying assault on democracy and civil rights. These gossip and made up stories lead to mass demonstrations in Germany, more than 20,000 protesters gathered in November in Leipzig, similar numbers were seen in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and other major cities. Given the fact that no or only foul evidence was presented for the most of the claims on display, it is hard to believe so many people came together under this circumstances – and still congregate. My first reaction to the protesters and their opinions alternated between astonishment and disbelief on one hand and refusal and anger on the other. While I thought about the situation I once again feared the possibility of a coming society driven by a new obscure paradigma, emerging from a continually served disinformation propaganda – like contradictory but emotionally loaded TV-commercials. I had to notice related situations of controlled mass manipulation during the recent U.S. Elections and on numerous other occasions.

With this idea in mind I started modeling heads onto ordinary LED light bulbs, being curious if this might work at all. Out came characters of unfair proportion and a rigid facial expression, demanding attraction through the simple act of emitting light. Eventually I combined them with quotations I picked up from youtube or facebook as exemplary 'skeptical' comments on the current situation. Conclusion: If we rather count on anything stated by anyone instead of clear facts and science we're about to enter another era of informational darkness. Then, this might be the bright new idols.