/ from the cycle Symulation

Wojciech Kopeć

   artwork date


oil, acrylic, wood, canvas

Subject. Happening. Simulacrum. An event, because this is how an object of an artistic nature can be defined, is a form of a question posed. The more unexpected it becomes, the more sincere the reaction would be. It seems beneficial to assume that the lack of an answer is also an example of this. The form of suddenness accompanying the phenomenon in its most radical form focuses on the experience of the moment beyond the history subject to reflection. It produces the quality of punctuation, abstracts from the flow of time. This thoroughly aesthetic approach does not mean that it is possible to view a work of art completely beyond the references of the past and the future, the point is that energy is always drawn from presence. An indispensable element of such a situation will be a more or less perceived contrast to the awareness of what we are in the longer term and the feeling of the drama of our present. Simulacrum as a model of influencing seems to emerge paradoxically wherever there is certainty and radical attitudes - both artistic, political or religious. It is also the domain of recent months, which seem to operate in greater and greater contrasts surrounded by many unknowns and indirectly experiencing reality in front of home computer screens. A certain kind of nostalgia (retrotopia) accompanies the encounter with objects affected by the historically conditioned power of the simulacrum. This feeling is extremely intriguing in the context of temporality, because the aforementioned energy is always generated by the actual presence of the object and the subject. It would seem that in this approach, the indirect experience of the online exhibition does not meet the basic conditions of the assumption - however, such meetings still seem to be close to the event mentioned above.