The Sediment

Filip Rybkowski

   artwork date


sculputure installation

The work was created during the first lockdown and was an intuitive attempt to face a kind of timeless new reality of shutdown. Combining various time horizons, it is a vision of a post-human reality. In the broader context, Studium Osadu is a silent story about time. Formally and temporarily juxtaposed elements that are alien to each other strain the differences between the perspective of biological and historical time, communicative and cultural memory.

“Our material and temporal being-in-the-world is by design a hybrid experience of various temporal references. At every moment, the materials of the world confront us with a great mosaic of coexisting time horizons that form networks and connections between different times, different pasts. This network not only weaves and collects various past and future times, but also projects itself, due to its "nature" and durability, towards the past. "

Bjørnar Olsen