Rafał Borcz

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And God saw that everything He had made was very good.

Evening passed and morning passed - the sixth day. (Genesis 1:31)


The earth surrendered on the seventh day.

It has not been snowing for many winters. The lake on the ice surface of which we dragged tree trunks to light them in our furnaces no longer freezes. It has not rained for many years. The lake where we have caught so many fish is drying up. We get sick, we lack water, we have nowhere to hide from the sun.

We put out our fires in a hurry. We pack our belongings while getting ready to go. We are waiting for the brothers from the south. Tomorrow we will go north with them for the last journey. There is no turning back.


Once you hit your head to the bottom

Everyone wants it to happen at last

When they spoil the days

And you will have to pay for your debts with your blood

When it's full of blood

Then don't scream crap at me that it's for me


(Klasus Mitffoch)