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CUBE 2016

The modern world, through the pace of life and changes, often leads to the alienation of people, closing themselves in their own "shells". We subconsciously seek refuge in spaces that actually isolate us from real meeting with another human being. We close ourselves in boxes, virtual spaces; we more often reach for a substitute for a conversation or a meeting, because it is easier, faster, less engaging. We create boxes, capsules around us, in which we exist in a safe, self-constructed and organized individual space, which becomes an isolated private worldview with which we identify and identify. Our boxes are our flats, workshops, professions, workshops, computers, tablets, smartphones, iPods, addictions, etc.

In extreme individual cases, it creates a situation of being pushed outside the community, cut off and isolated. We often function side by side, physically close, but still without the will, need, possibility of mutual contact or mutual interaction. On the other hand, sometimes isolating oneself, closing oneself in a "box" gives a chance to save or preserve one's own individuality from what is mass, popular and unified.


Academy of Fine Arts Jan Matejko in Krakow (Jan Matejko Square, Krakow)
Former Clothing School (Syrokomli street)

CUBE / art project / Krakow / 2016
CUBE / art project / Krakow / 2016
CUBE / art project / Krakow / 2016
CUBE / art project / Krakow / 2016