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From the
   series: The order of chaos.

Klemen Brun

   artwork date


mixed technique, 170 x 100 cm

Order of chaos. The hidden messages of the outside world are represented by the intervention of various elements, the collage being one of the main tools of the metaphorical description of the messages of the contemporary world, which in turn is chaotic and full of uncertainty. The layers on the layers of construction and deconstruction, through trial and error, reflect the continuous movement of both societies over time and the life itself that each represents on its way. Sometimes it can seem like a disaster to cause rapid and sudden changes, as long as the purpose of renewal is forgotten. This sequence of images is an attempt to reflect on the multiplicity of attitudes that can be considered a viewer of a chaotic world, but in terms of aesthetics and relation to what is absorbed from the outside, order dominates, there is a specific balance that basically determines the categories of importance regarding what causes that we are more earthly or spiritual beings, always being a choice to stay at either of these poles. In this case, the artist as a spectator filters our worlds, whether they are physical or created, and proposes, as time indicates, to constantly discover oneself, being a flexible observer in the face of circumstances. In hurricanes, stiff trees break, only the more flexible ones will be able to let air through their branches and stand when the wind stops.