Utopia (cycle)

Marlena Biczak

   artwork date


analog photography, digital graphics

Place as an aspect of space is a pause in time, it is a momentary stop of our perception on the configuration of objects. It is a static concept, unlike time. Human time is divided into stages just as movement in space is divided into pauses - places. These places anchor us in the flow of time. The more pauses in space, and therefore the more places we experience, the more subjectively more time passes.

Olga Tokarczuk


Utopia - a place that does not exist.

Euchronia - a state beyond time.


Everyone has places in the world that automatically trigger a whole avalanche of memories. Places that remember something important. Places that make it possible to return to the past. Most of them are related to the family home in Częstochowa, with childhood and adolescence. Unfortunately, most of them did not survive the test of time. They underwent changes resulting from both interference man and nature. Looking today at what is left of them, I can see a gradual transformation into a completely new space, a space visually distant from the one I remember, one that I can only move around traces of memory. However, despite the fact that my places are disappearing, the emotional content I have accumulated in them seems to be independent of it. These places are perfect portraits of illusions. They are out of time. They are, although they have not existed for years.