Mariola Wawrzusiak

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Our utopian belief that by drawing from nature beyond measure, we become more and more powerful, turns into a nightmarish dystopia before our eyes. We have noticed the warming of the climate not over the decades, but every year: we break records for temperatures, droughts and fires, which herald the ever-approaching apocalypse.

The big world turned out to be too small for us, it cannot accommodate us anymore, it cannot bear us anymore. We are poisoned by smog, consumed by fires, decimated by the plague, the strength of which has turned out to be what we always considered our strength - globalization, unlimited mobility, the idea of ​​cosmopolitanism. The selfish gene mutated the self-annihilation gene in us. The Biosphere sculpture is my idea of ​​a carefully protected world, a world enclosed in a glass jar. The precious and fragile treasure is in the hands of the children. They will inherit the devastated land from us, and we will pass on them all responsibility for saving our planet and the survival of the human species. Scientists give us thirty years. No generation has yet faced such a challenge.