From the
   end of the Bronze Age

Edgar Kucharzewski

   artwork date



Art and culture are relevant in the system. A society becomes desolate when, as it is the case now, it renounces them. The critical dialogue with society is thus eliminated. Pandemic lockdowns apply to artists, cultural institutions and museums, while the economy is expected to flourish. "Social distancing" over the long term leads to stagnation.
Thus a lot of people put many questions about the future of all of us. Growth at any price, desertification of nature as before, waste of resources, the continuation of digitization  without any connection to a society that sees people as the center of attention? There will no longer be a return to "normality"
Art develops future scenarios, ventures utopias and learns a lessons from the history of successful cultural contacts and cultural linkages.
The language of art is the utopian element. Failure to do so will lead to the standstill and the destruction of cultural standards. Populists would like to "fill" the empty spaces.
What remains to be done?  Dissolve the studios, destroy the works, melt down the bronze sculptures? 
At the very least, the public  testimonies of the time should be covered. The art goes out onto the streets and makes itself temporarily noticeable. The artists exhibit in front of their studios: art on the fence, on the sidewalk, in the squares?
Artists and their art give their views.