Where is
   the beautiful heaven?

Daniela Jáuregui Servin

   artwork date


acrylic and oil on canvas, 120 x 100 cm

Where is the beautiful heaven?
Daniela Jáuregui

Is Heaven Paradise? Is Paradise earthly or spiritual? Where can we find Paradise?

The images presented within this serie raise questions about the nature of Heaven - is it a physical or imaginary place, or is it the moment of fullest consciousness when we are aware of who we are, where we come from and where we are going.

If we consider the Judeo-Christian idea of paradise as the place where the first inhabitants lived in complete harmony, we will find out that it was precisely the fruit of knowledge who caused them to be expelled from it. Knowledge is delimited through both our physical and spiritual experiences  so we project our own vision of life in the context in which we live.

If we concentrate on describe what paradise is, we will go back to the idea of perfection where there is no suffering or pain, inherent qualities in the human being.

Contrary to this, our condition as humans  keeps us anchored to an earthly space far from the idealistic idea of paradise and unreachable concept implanted by religious institutions.

With this statement, we can say that the space or place where paradise resides is delimited by our state of consciousness rather than an idealized and hierarchical physical space. This is an utopic idea. 

Where is the beautiful Heaven that Dante calls Paradise?  Heaven/Paradise exemplifies the interdependence, intertwining and complementarity of all things – it is the core of the heart.