Lord of
   the pupils

Verónica Ugalde Romay

   artwork date


oil on canvas, 80 x 150 cm

Closed, I begin to travel through my dreams to my inner world, where through love I find a connection that makes us "one" with the whole universe. It wasn't always a pleasant journey... there were storms and hurricanes that shook my conscience. I experienced a painful transformation as I faced my fears, leapt, bounded walls and defeated my ego... Time. ...sometimes it seemed to speed up... and sometimes it felt like an eternal... I learned to enjoy both... I tolerated the waiting and became my best companion. Social distancing made me selective, I didn't waste any more time or energy. The uncertain future reminded me that everything is in motion, everything safe is unnatural, and everything that doesn't move stagnates and breaks down. Pandemic, hurricanes and violence come to shout at us how wrong we are in the world, this is an opportunity to realize and understand that we are part of a great creation, not its center... My dream, although it still sounds like utopia, is that we find harmony... because we are all one because of the power of love.