variations (cycle)

Jan Pamuła

   artwork date


acrylic on canvas

Utopia. Closure space. In a difficult year marked by a pandemic, in addition to dealing with the usual everyday problems and difficulties, my most important goal was to maintain the continuity of work. It was extremely difficult to maintain the rhythm and regularity so as not to interrupt the train of thought, because the external reality turned out to be dangerous and interfering in an unprecedented way. For the last two years, I have been working on the case of hidden symmetry. This year, a collection of several pictures was also created that are a continuation of the series of "Symmetrical Pictures", I called them "Symmetrical Variations". Changing the titles seemed natural to me, because their symmetrical expressiveness was close to such pieces of music in which the rhythm and repetition is a symmetry written in time. The series of "Symmetrical" paintings based on "Computer Series I" has been created since the beginning of 2018. ¼ of the image area composed of unique rectangles resulting from dividing the field with horizontal and vertical lines into 4x elements - it is successively rotated by 900 in the three remaining image quarters. It is obtaining symmetry in the image by rotating the output field. But the clear, symmetrical structure of divisions in the image is disturbed by the use of 4 colors in such a way that the color values ​​assigned to individual rectangles are not distributed symmetrically, but alternately in the individual quarters of the image. The clear symmetry of the divisions is thus disturbed at the "level" of the color values. However, it is "readable" when carefully analyzing the image, and also - intuitively - perceived as a factor enhancing the feeling of unity and harmony in the image.